Elon Musk had no choice but to intervene when his new Chief Executive Officer at Twitter, Anna Yuccaringo, censored a film by The Daily Wire as her first act on the job.

“It was obviously a mistake hiring her,” Musk told us on a private call, “I knew she was woke, but she promised to make concessions. Obviously, she lied.”

The ousted CEO says she plans to sue Musk for breach of contract. “He hasn’t seen the last of me,” said Yuccamingus, “I have a good lawyer and we had a contract.”

Musk said she should look at the very bottom under the disclosures in the small print, where as in all of his contracts, he can cancel at any time and forego payment for any reason or no reason at all. He’s not the richest man on the planet for nothing.

Critics were quick to point out that Yuccarigman hasn’t actually made any big decisions and that the battle over “What is a woman” began over a year ago. “This is actually all on Elon,” said Twitter insider Joe Barron, “it’s another case of him thinking he knows on an issue he’s only known about for about eleven minutes. It’s actually kinda silly.”

Silly or not, he is the boss. And what the boss says goes in America.

Elon had every right to fire her. God Bless America.

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