By now you’ve probably heard that Elon Musk is fed up with the false narratives being tossed around about him. According to his legal spokesman, Joe Barron, Musk is adding several media outlets and their brands to his defamation suit against Media Matters.

“The View is at the top of the list,” said Barron, “They lie about him nonstop. They push fake stories about real things and blame Elon when they come back to bite them.”

Barron’s assessment is spot on. ALLOD’s Chief Legalisticator Tara Newhole says that The View is culpable for what they say and that the 4th clause of the journalistic doctrine has been violated.

“I think Whoopi and her pals are about to learn a thing or two about fair use and the 1st Amendment, said Newhols, “They’ve clearly never passed the bar in Louisiana.

Most experts believe Musk will probably settle for a billion dollars and an apology, unless he decides to ruin them completely. “One thing I’m not opposed to,” he once said while standing outside a Del Taco in New Mexico, “is spending an ungodly amount of money to settle a grudge. It cost me nearly $13 million to mess with Alyssa Milano that one time.”

Looks like we got that story backward patriots. We’ll have to revisit it and make sure the truth gets out.

Milano wasn’t available for comment. God Bless America.

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