Elon Musk made it clear where he stands on Scott Adams and Dilbert. Freedom of speech is an American institution that can not be infringed. In the spirit of the founding fathers, Musk officially un-canceled “Dilbert by promising to publish it on Twitter every day.

“It will go out to 90 million people on a daily basis whether the mainstream media likes it or not,” said Musk, “you just can’t do these things and get away with it.”

Adams said some things the left doesn’t like that some may consider “racist.” But that’s not the point. His right to be a steaming pile of turd isn’t lessened because he made it come true. He’s entitled to his opinion, and that’s all there is to it.

Musk says he intends to make sure Dilbert lives on forever in the hearts and minds of Americans.

Experts agree that even when crying and dressed like Nancy Pelosi, Alyssa is still smokin’ hot.

Adams says he’s grateful to Musk, but he’s not sure if it’s such a good thing. “So the plan is to give my stuff away for free? To…90 million Americans? No advertiser will touch me and the newspapers paid me to do what I do. Elon isn’t very bright.”

Musk responded by acknowledging that Adams had a point, but that he was a bit silly if he expected to ever sell his comic strip again. “I figured the guy’s heading for a life of mediocrity and shame,” said Musk, “why not at least preserve his character’s legacy.”

Musk admits to having a Dilbert Daily Quotes calendar “since about 1996.” He also has an impressive collection of refrigerator magnets. But honestly, who doesn’t? God Bless America.

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