Whoopi Goldberg and her “crew” never get tired of doing certain things on their morning talk show.  One of those things is to lie and insult those they don’t like, especially right-leaning patriotic Americans.

Elon Musk is definitely one of those Americans, and, as of now, he’s had enough of being fodder for their stupid games.  He’s filed a 66 million dollar lawsuit in the sixth circuit court against The View, each and every host, and ABC television in particular.

Elon Musk, as you may remember, is the mega-billionaire founder of Tesla Motors and Space X who used a considerable amount of funding to buy Twitter and completely ruin it.  Today, it remains a social media platform for thousands of Nazis to complain about the operation of.

Legal analyst Sandra Batt explained why the total was 66 million and how Elon intends to use his astronomically unlikely gains.

“Mr. Musk decided on the number because it’s the exact amount of sores that he has on his ass from supermodel spankings.  He said that when he wins the case, he’s going to use the cash to buy sixty six million doughnuts and retire to fat town.”

An admirable goal from an admirable man.  But will his lawsuit hold water?

“Oh, absolutely not, no,” Batt went on.  “But he has nothing better to do, other than masturbate to Melania’s dirty Slovenian movies.”

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