Whoopi Goldberg must think that because she’s one of only 18 people to hit the grand slam of awards that she’s special somehow. When she showed up at the Oscars, however, she learned that she’s not.

The EGOT walked confidently toward the red carpet before the show’s producer himself, Joe Barron, approached her and asked her to leave.

“I told her we asked her not to come after the horrible things she’s said about the Jews,” said Barron, “as well as her nasty insults about white people. She really ran the gauntlet on making new enemies.”

The academy officially removed her from its list three years ago, but each year she just keeps showing up like she’s hosting the thing. “We keep sending her emails,” said Barron, “but she just refuses to respond.”

Members of the Hollywood Foreign Press told Newsweek that Oprah Winfrey was trying everything in her power to get Whoopi past Barron, but he wasn’t having it.

“Her go-to is ‘I’ll make a scene if you don’t let me in,'” he said, “so this year I started a scene of my and girlfriend…let me tell you what. People know I’m the muthafukin Princess.”

Hollywood Today reported that Goldberg went to Whataburger after stopping at 7-11 for a 40 of Colt and some mayo packets, for which she didn’t compensate the establishment. “I hate Miracle Whip,” Whoopi said in 1995, “it tastes like white people.”

Yet she’ll eat mayonnaise. The hypocrisy is just so typical. God Bless America.


  1. Dan Quayle

    Flagg appears to not know that 1) Whoopi has not been banned from the Oscars; 2) the Oscars this year had a champagne colored carpet – there was no red carpet; and 3) the Hollywood Foreign Press Association runs the Golden Globes, not the Oscars. What a putz.

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