Que quieres?  Quieres una hamburguesa?  Con queso?  Dame tu dinero, chico blanco.

That’s an example of something you would commonly hear at the McDonald’s in El Queefo, Texas, a small border town that sees a large amount of the recent influx of immigrants from Mexico. Situated just a mile and a half from the wife open border, guess who it mostly caters to.

If you said illegal aliens, you’d be right.  And it also employs them, en masse.

No English speakers at all work there, from the counter people all the way up to the managers.  Local residents think the whole thing is complete bullshit.

“It’s a disgrace, is what it is,” says Sandy Batt, a 78-year old white mother of thirty, who passes her time knitting hats for guns.  “I went in the other day and the woman at the counter said ‘hola’ to me.  What in tarnation is that?  We say HELLO in this country, Juanita!”

Other complaints, nearly two, have piled up, but the McDonald’s corporation doesn’t seem to want to hear them.  We requested a statement and received only a letter from “Senor Grimace” in Spanish.

Translated, it read only : “We taking over your country, white people, si si si ay yii yii yii!”

So far, no one has yet been hurt, but if you live in El Queefo, pretty soon it’s going to be another “El Alamo”, we believe.


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