All social media sites were alive with conspiracies about Super Bowl 58 and that the game was predetermined and it was a psy-op. Well, that may no longer be a conspiracy theory. It would seem if Joe Biden let that cat out of the bag.

After the Super Bowl, Biden had tweeted a picture of himself saying “Just as we drew it up”, seemingly confirming that he had something to do with the outcome of the big game. Many knew this was the case and the doddering old fool just admitted it himself in front of millions of angry fans.

There’s no way the San Francisco 49ers should have lost that game and that they were the far superior team. We would know, we stopped watching football after all of the kneeling and the Bud Light commercials.

NFL commissioner’s assistant Joseph Barron has attempted to not hear the questions from the big journalists at NewsMax and OANN about the controversy. Something isn’t right in football and it’s all leading to Taylor Swift and Joe Biden.

Why would he post that? Because he’s senile and forgot he was supposed to text it. That’s why. And now the secret is out. Something must be done! They stole the Super Bowl like they stole 2020 from us, patriots!

As the last minutes of the game ticked down, there was more Taylor Swift on the screen, more Pfizer and Bud Light commercials, almost as if this was truly planned to indoctrinate the American people.

We will be conducting a full investigation into the Joe Biden tweet; so we can get to the bottom of this once and for all. This kind of tomfoolery can not stand, because this is America and we are patriots. And we lost money on the game. God bless America.

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