Cauliflower? Are they serious? Chick Fil A, one of the nation’s premier conservative-leaning eating establishments, decided to cave and go woke with new menu items that are NOT going over well with middle management.

Joe Barron, President of the CFA Manager’s sub-union, an organization that gets together to socialize but has no collective bargaining power, says managers from key stores will walk out if the company goes through with wokening the menu.

“It’s an abomination,” said Barron, “some of us have been here for decades defending the honor and the Christian nature of the business, and now they’re gonna cater to the woke left? We feel betrayed.”

Barron says managers in Mississippi, Missouri, and North Carolina will join in the walkout that will most likely shutter entire stores for at least a full day, costing the company big time.

“It’s actually like three people and we already have their shifts covered,” said company CEO Art Tubolls., “It’s a cauliflower sandwich. They can get over it or we’ll replace them. It’s not like the managers remember how to work the line anyway. That’s where the real skilled labor here resides.”

The left still believes CFA is unworthy of their business, citing rampant homophobia, blatant bigotry, and a paper trail of supporting regressive “charities” as their main reason. “It’s also overrated pickle chicken,” said CNN, “so there’s that.”


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