Is it true? Would Kid Rock have done something like that? Did he forget who he was? Did he forget what he believes?

No, of course not. The images of Kid drinking Bud Light at a Nashville concert are manipulated fakes, according to specialists in the field.

“It’s a decent fake, but there are signs,” said forensic photography expert Joe Barron, “First, it’s 2023. Why is it so grainy? The worst phone on the planet takes pictures twice this well.”

The Bud Light label obviously overlays a Coors can, Barron concluded, since it’s not a Bud Light and Coors is what Kid Rock actually drinks.

We sent the image to our own data analyst, Tara Newhole, who came up with several different reasons why it’s as fake as birds.

“First off,” she said, “that may not even be Kid Rock. It may be a collection of fake birds pretending to be Kid Rock. Second, it’s probably not Nashville. Judging from the clamminess on Kid’s hands, it seems he’s probably a little closer to the surface of the sun, say…Tallahassee. And lastly…where are the hot women? Wherever Kid Rock goes, hot women follow. It makes no sense.”

There you have it, folks. Scientificated proofs that Kid Rock didn’t betray his fans and the entire MAGA base by sipping a toxic brand. God Bless America.


  1. Ashlee

    It’s amazing how much libs take information and just run with it.

    • Matt

      It’s amazing you don’t see this is a parody site.

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