Fact checking is a whole new industry nowadays.  The post-truth era that began with President Trump has really insinuated itself into everything, the internet, radio, and television.

It’s hard to know what the truth really is.  That’s why the Federal Communications Committee has hired it’s own fat checkers to find out what’s what, endowing them with the power to levy fines if necessary.

Sandy Batt is the head of the committee’s FCCFCC, or Fact Checking Commission.  And she’s taken first aid at the daytime gabfest “The View”.

“The View pushes a lot of politics into our general zeitgeist,” Batt says.  “Most of it fairly liberal and farted out by host Whoopi Goldberg.  So we started there.”

After extensively researching the show since the beginning of the year, the FCCFCC has found no instances of “fake or misleading news”, nor has it uncovered any “fake facts”. Which is why Batt issued that the View was “just fine”.

“Fox’s program the Five, on the other hand,” she continued, “Is a giant godawful mess.   Everybody talking over one another, nonsense like ‘the Biden crime family’ and ‘unfair Trump prosecuting’ is everywhere.  I charged them two billion dollars.  To start.  Until they stop lying.”

The View, however, is proudly perfectly fine, and both Joy Behar and Goldberg have been given substantial raises for their troubles.


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