The Newly Appointed Chairman of the Anti-Coronavirus Task Force of America Vice President Mike Pence.

The threat of the Coronavirus is knocking on our doors and our shores says the CDC, Center for Disease Control, along with the newly appointed Chief of the Anti-Coronavirus Task Force Vice President Mike Pence.

Appointed by President Trump, VP Pence has experience eradicating these pandemics when he was the Governor of Indiana. There were zero Ebola outbreaks in Indiana due to his quick action and due diligence, which is more than ex NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg can say.

It was Dr. Blaine Pullcepper, an independent researcher, who went undercover to  identify the source of the California Coronavirus. I tagged along with Dr. Pullcepper to report the findings of his incredible journey.

We hopped a truck in Mexico along with other illegal aliens and crossed the border at Guadalajara. Our truck driver Jose LaForma, a former carny, took us on a tour of all Sanctuary cities in this rotting dung heap of a state. You can smell the stinky feces from across the border.

The 1000’s of immigrants and homeless people living in squalor without the necessary facilities had turned the streets into rivers of muck and slime. We wore our our gas masks and hazmat suits to fight off the the stench from the streets and alleyways.

The 1st tests from Los Angeles proved positive for the virus and despite the imminent dangers ahead, we pressed on to the next unsavory city along the once beautiful Pacific coast, finding the same rancid conditions along the way.

“We’re doing just fine without outside interference from the White House. They don’t need to be snooping around in our business.” Governor Gavin Newsom stated today. “It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear, from our shores like at Huntington Beach, you know, it could get worse before it gets better. Could maybe go away. We’ll see what happens. Nobody really knows.”

Meanwhile back in Washington D.C., Mother Pence is holding hourly prayer vigils until her husband’s job is successfully finished. We ask for thoughts and prayers across this great land of ours, despite what is happening in the liberal states.

Carrollton, TX, USA

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