As soon as impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Merrick Garland move forward, federal law stipulates that President Joe Biden will have no choice but to suspend the country’s top prosecutor. Garland, who is illegally investigating a former president with absolutely no cause or evidence, faces a vote for removal as soon as today.

While there isn’t much hope of getting the 2/3rds majority it would take to remove him, but it only takes 12 representatives voting guilty for him to have the mark against him for life. Biden says he’ll follow the law, if it gets to that.

“If that’s the law then that’s the law. I’m sure he’d step aside anyway.”

Garland refused to comment, citing an ongoing investigation. A Justice Department spokesman, Joe Barron, said the articles filed by “that Neanderthal” Marjorie Taylor Green are quite possibly “the dumbest thing anyone here has ever read.”

MTG accuses Garland of investigating Trump for political reasons and contends that he has no evidence whatsoever. She may be correct, if the boxes of top secret materials that may have included nuclear secrets turn out to be empty or something.

All in all, it sounds like a witch hunt, just like every time we cover for Trump. He does something, they investigate, and the people exonerate. It’s a perfect system.

God bless America.



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