Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren laid into Liberal Activist Alyssa Milano on her show, “Tomi in the Morning with Tomi Lahren” on The Blaze. According to the feisty freedom fighter, “Princess Alyssa” needs to stay in her lane.

“I can appreciate Princess Alyssa’s passion,” said Lahren, “but why does she have to aim it specifically at such horrible issues? She’s dividing America with her so-called ‘activism.’ What does she even stand for besides Volkswagon?”

Lahren’s words struck so hard that she earned a coveted spot on Tucker Carlson. Carlson called her dig “courageous.” On his way from the opera with his wife “Presumably to Eat Children,” Carlson said, “Milano is just another piece of the Democrat grooming machine. She doesn’t stand for American values.”

Milano refused to comment, instead sending a note through her publicist, Joe Barron:

“I’m begging you to stop writing this nonsense. I’m getting questions about it in real life. Ask that Blair guy if he’ll take an autographed pair of my socks or something to leave me the hell alone.”

We’re presuming the note was meant for someone else, or that it was passed along without proper context. Milano also filed a restraining order against this reporter and returned the roses and chocolates after having them “tested for knockout drugs.” They were negative, so it doesn’t really make sense why she’d mention that. Her behavior is becoming more erratic by the day.

If nothing else, we’ve learned that Alyssa Milano needs help. Hopefully, she took down my number before she dropped a dime. God bless America.


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