Florida Governor Ron DeSantis authorized the state’s Department of Labor to use its enforcement division this week, and the results were staggering. More than 437 illegals were taken out of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando who had been working under the table for next to nothing, taking good-paying jobs from Americans.

According to sources on the ground, busloads of immigrants without proper documentation were transported to the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) center in Sweet Boots, Alabama. There, they’ll be processed and most likely released by the Biden Administration, but at that point, they’ll be Alabama’s problem. Alabama Governor Joe Barron says he’ll pick up the mantel at that point and deliver the mini-caravan to Little Wing, Mississippi, where one more catch and release lands them in Texas.

Texas, as anyone who watched Yellowstone would know, is terrifying to outsiders. For the illegals, they’ll have no choice but to find a passage back to whichever of the three Mexicos they came from. Otherwise, they may end up on one of Governor Greg Abbott’s “illegal chain gangs” helping to finish Trump’s wall.

God bless America. Only here can we make this kind of thing come true, patriots. Literally. Only here.

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