Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is owning the libs again. He sent the watchdogs from the Florida EPA to shut down Disney’s expansion plans as punishment for its woke policies, and they found plenty of ammunition for the cause. According to reports from scooter564T, the notorious internet sleuth, the EPA found trace elements of dihydrogen monoxide in nearly every sample it took.

The agency said until they can investigate and fix the problem, Disney will have to wait until at least 2026 to apply for any new permits. All existing permits, including one to build a brand new park on the site of the abandoned River Country, are now on hold.

That’s what you get for messing with Governor Ron DeSantis. The measure is going to undoubtedly slow Disney’s plans and cost them a ton of money. There are no official figures yet, but it will probably be a huge amount.

This was my cat, Roy. Someone made him into a gif in 2007.

An independent analysis found that ultimately, the pressure and lost time will cost the state of Florida about $4 billion in tax revenue and somewhere in the area of 14,000 jobs. A small price to pay to own the libs, according to DeSantis. “If you’re not willing to add 25 or 30 percent to your property taxes to stick it to the woke crowd,” said DeSantis, “you should pack up and leave.”

Florida is estimated to lose 1.2 million residents by Christmas. God bless America.


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