The Florida State Police have five groomers in custody after a raid on a facility owned by Disney. Police were called to the scene after reports that the outfit wasn’t operating as it was chartered to. Officially, the store is supposed to sell pet foods, products, and supplies.

Neighbors in the area say the store stopped being a normal place of business about a year ago and started engaging in strange activities. They say there were children at the store all day long. The investigation is ongoing, but FSP Captain Art Tubolls says he’s confident charges against the groomers will stick.

Disney hasn’t responded to our requests for comments, stating that our story was “ridiculous.” The must think reporting on groomers is silly for some reason.

The five people arrested are being charged with unlicensed grooming and will have to register with the state. Two children were at the facility when it was raided and have been turned over to Child Protective Services.

Court filings show that the storefront is in clear violation of the law, as operating a grooming facility requires special permits. The owner, Sandra Batt, says she works exclusively for Disney and has worked on their animal actors for years. She said she was unaware of any special permit her pet store needed to begin washing dogs and clipping nails, but she’ll look into it.


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