Disney.  Massive corporation.  Father of everything Marvel.  Enemy of governor Ron DeSantis, possibly the best negotiator and manager that the state of Florida has ever had.

“I’m just doing the best I can with all these goddamn antiques.”

The problem with Disney isn’t the entertainment or the holdings.  The problem is with the severe pattern of “grooming” that conservatives have saddled it with for absolutely no reason at all.  How a corporation goes from simply opposing a bill to out and out GROOMING is anyone’s guess.

Another problem, however, is it’s inherent “wholeness”, “woke” being a term that those same moronic IQ-deficit conservatards has invented “accepting of change.”  One example of this wokeness is the company’s recent announcement that it would close its parks in observance of the birthday of the late George Floyd.

As most people know, Floyd was a gentleman of color who was murdered by police officers in Minneapolis in 2020 for no reason except police overreach.  Officer Derek Chauvin was arrested for the crime.

After the corporation’s announcement, several dozen conservative organizations responded with brimstone and nonsense.  For instance, Joe Barron, head of the Screaming Eagle Eagle Squad for America’s Patriot Eagles.

“It’s disgusting, is what it is.  These groomers want our kids, probably for the adrenochrome or for sex puppets and it isn’t right.  All I have to do is say it, and it’s true.  Donald J. Trump taught us that.  Screaming Eagles!”

In our actual four-dimensional reality, though, Disney is simply a company that creates entertainment.  But it doesn’t matter to these half-retarded fetal pig lickers.  They’re too busy crying, stomping their feet, and boycotting Mickey Mouse.


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