Forest Whitaker is a great actor, if you like his kind of roles. He’s been a lawyer, cop, doctor, criminal, and Wakandan medicine man, among other things. His iconic lazy eye is well-known in Hollywood.

Does that mean he’s the best fit for a reboot of “All In The Family?” Probably not, but don’t tell the woke leftists producing it.

The new show, slated to start filming later this year once the cast is settled, looks to put a modern spin on the classic story. Rather than a bigoted white guy, the lead will be a wise and noble leader in the neighborhood, organizing the people for such family-based activities as defunding the police and supporting Marxism.

How will the new show be received by fans of the original series? “It won’t,” said Producer Joe Barron, “It’s not gonna ever be on cable, so the bulk of boomers will never see it. It’ll be fun to watch them whine over it, though.

Whitaker says it wasn’t so much the $22 million payday as it was the opportunity to “trigger some cultists.” He must think being a patriotic American who pretends to read the bible is something we’re ashamed of, patriots. We should show him how much he’s wrong by boycotting this whole thing. God Bless America.


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