When “The View” starts a new season next fall, it will have some serious competition. Fox Entertainment plans to run a new show in the same style but with an all-male panel. Pat Sajak, the longtime host of “Wheel of Fortune,” will take the role of moderator and lead host.

“It was between him and Chuck Woolery,” said Fox Casting Director Joe Barron, “but in the end it came down to who we thought people would be less likely to hate.”

The theory of a show full of conservative males with a token liberal is to inspire outrage and hate, both from those who agree and with the millions of liberals who will watch just to scream at the TV. “That’s the main difference from “The View,” said Barron, “They go to Hawaii and stuff. We want to keep the fans right here at home and engaged with the topics of the day.”

Some critics argue that the time for male hosts on a political show is after dinner. “Getting the meemaws all riled up before lunch will cause an economic rift. They may demand the senior coffee at Wendy’s, but they go every day,” said political strategist Art Tubolls, “That’s without getting into the weekly Frosty.”

It seems like a bit of a weak argument, but hey, what does a journalisticator know about television? This one is looking forward to the show. God Bless America.

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