Donald Trump was to resume his normal weekly call in to Fox and Friends when the network not only refused to put him on air, but rejected his call outright. His calls have been put on hold for weeks, but now the program, and the channel just simply refuses his calls.

The last one, where he was told they don’t want to speak to him, hurt him deeply, a family friend anonymously reported.

President Trump was a weekly guest on Fox and Friends, a show that Trump just absolutely loved. Speaking to the hosts live on-air and being able to talk directly with his supporters always was uplifting for Donald, as he adored his supporters and the opportunity to speak with friends. Many good policy decisions came from a happy Donald Trump after the weekly calls.

Now, without them or Twitter, Trump is sad, hurt, and alone.

Sure he has Melania and that kid he barely knows, plus those other three kids that he doesn’t like much and his favorite, Ivanka. But he cannot confide in his supporters, as they make him feel like a king.  It’s his people. His supporters. And Fox News that really makes him feel alive and gets the blood pumping.

Not much else though. Viagra cut him off, not even they want to be associated with him anymore. Imagine pissing off erection pills.

The only person he has left, I mean besides Melania and that pesky kid, is the “my pillow” guy, Mike Lindell. He still believes. He still loves Donald. But Fox News? Not so much.

Joe Barron, who answers all of the incoming calls to the shows, said he was told to give Trump excuses.

“He’s just persona non gratis here now. He’s done. Washed up.  A has been. We’ve moved on to better things.”

My how things have changed in a few short days.

Where will Trump be without any social media or megaphones of any kind to get his message out there? How could Fox, of all networks, turn him down and turn their backs on him? Donald has been wallowing in self-pity and self-medicating with Big Macs and filet o fish, 10 at a time, and has Diet Coke mainlined into his arm.

He barely even wants to golf or hurl insults at staff. His hair unkempt, white stubble all over his face that’s specked with burger bun crumbs and special sauce, and he’s afraid he will be forgotten, much like every other venture he’s been in. 

Won’t someone think of the Donald?


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