Fox News has once again crushed the competition. Its daytime talk show featuring four women and one man, “outnumbered,” has crushed its only competition, “The View,” in the ratings.

“Outnumbered took a 4 share of the initial market and a 7 gauge on the Nielson,” said ratings expert Joe Barron of Gallup, “Basically, for every tenth that watched the view, we were able to extrapolate data citing a majority of viewers in a given demographic.

“When we looked at those numbers, Outnumber beat the view by no fewer than 11 points.”

Gallup’s numbers aren’t certified as of yet, and Barron hasn’t worked there for a while, but his formula should hold true as it has for the past 31 years. “We didn’t even know this show existed until this morning,” said Barron, “It can’t be great.” Come to find out the show has been on since 2014. Fox has no need to cancel it because they just grab whatever four females are on the rotating schedule that day and shoot.

“It’s the best format on television,” said Roger Ailles, “we can have women front and center but we don’t ever have to promote any.” While Ailles is no longer with the company for being a misogynist turd, his policies still largely apply.

“They should just call it quits.” ~ Tucker Carlson

It looks like Outnumbered will also take The View down a few pegs at the Daytime Emmys. When it rains it pours. God Bless America.

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