Here’s a quick question: When you take out a loan or a mortgage, what happens when you don’t pay it back?  Do you suffer the consequences of your actions and get hounded throughout the rest of your natural life for it?

Or, does Joe Biden and an army of unwilling taxpayers step in and make it all…go…away?

Trump still owes Pence 90 bucks to replace his pants after January 6th.

If you’re a Democrat, it’s plain to see that the second option is for you.  That’s why Biden and his cronies have passed the “Handout Bill”, which will take effect this June, which will forgive any and all student loans.

Washington Number Gymnast Joe Barron told news agencies that the cost to taxpayers for this obligation would be two trillion dollars.

“Every person out there working, from 16 to 65 will be paying for this bill.  And those over 65 and retired too.  They’ll pay the most.  Because Dems hate boomers.  It’s a Trump thing.  A candy bar costs seventy-five dollars and nickels are now illegal.  I like shoes.”

Barron may have strayed from the subject at hand, but he’s right. Is it YOUR fault a kid gets shoehorned into the promise of further, almost necessary education for a future job with hideously structured payment plans with sky-high interest rates?  I think not.

“Sorry, you got the wrong guy for your loan payment. I’m ‘Loganana’ now.”

But at least Mr. Biden is trying to bring America back to having a fully educated workforce with free college, like it started out, right?  Wait.  Isn’t THAT “Making America Great Again?”

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