Alyssa Milano may not be up for any awards this season, but she certainly is putting on a show. she cried for days after Ted Nugent and Kid Rock showed up unannounced at her Golden Globes after-party, claiming they ruined it for everyone. Because it was the Nuge’s idea to go, she decided to sue him for emotional distress.

This morning, the case got tossed before ever getting a docket number. “This is the definition of frivolous,” said Judge Joe Barron, “You’re lucky I don’t hold you in contempt for showing up.” Ted Nugent decided not to show up, figuring this would be the outcome, and instead sent his nephew, Kevin, who wants to be a lawyer someday.

The facts of the case were all Judge Barron needed. Nuge and Kid showed up, and immediately half the guest list left. “Those were the people looking for an excuse that would have been gone in 30 minutes anyway,” the judge found. As for the rest, several written statements from guests who said they had “the time of their lives,” including Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick, were read into evidence, leading to the ultimate trial order of dismissal.

“Just get out,” Judge Barron told Milano and her lawyer, “seriously. Go.”

We reached out to Ms. Milano, as we let this one go on a bit further than usual for some reason. She said she was disappointed in the ruling and hopes that we can now let this stupid storyline die.

For the good of America, probably, patriots. Unless it gets a bunch of page views. God Bless the USA.



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