Garth Brooks managed to Bud Light his entire career. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Bud Light is now a verb that means “to destroy completely.” As in “Garth Brooks sure did Bud Light his career,”

At a recent country festival in Mastitoqua, Oklahoma, Brooks found out that the country community still hasn’t forgiven him for calling them a-holes.

“I’ll never forget,” said former Garth Brooks Fan Club President Joe Barron, “I gave up a lot when I stepped down. I was in charge of a group on Facebook with over 600,000 members. They trusted Garth. When he did what he did, the group emptied out. Now it’s just leftist trolls and a really bad Harry Potter meme.”

The crowd in Mastitaqua sent the same message. Unfortunately for Morgan Wallen, he was the one who had the displeasure of introducing him, something he says he’ll never do again. Can you blame him?

After the incident, Brooks left the stage and went directly to the nearest Target to grab some Bud Light.

“It’s the only thing that keeps me sane anymore,” he told ALLOD Correspondent Tara Newhole, “that and my Nikes. And plain red coffee cups. Gosh dang I love those things.”

Some things just never change. Garth Brooks is one of them. God Bless America.


  1. Robert Del Genio

    The country music crowd is mostly racist morons. There’s no room for performers like Garth with ethics.

    • Donald Pecker Trump.

      Accurate about the racist part, but THIS SITE IS SATIRE! LOL!

  2. gary s truth

    stop the steal of TRUTH.republicans don’t know how.

    • Donald Pecker Trump.

      Hi dad! How are you doing? Maybe you’re getting out of a 5 season trump xxx film dvd set!

    • Donald Pecker Trump.

      at least you know that it is fiction 😀

  3. Malcolm Merriweather

    Wait…do I like Garth now or not? Someone please tell me what to do. Is this where I throw my Keurig out the window again?

    • Donald Pecker Trump.

      yes! And serve it with some liquid piss water too!

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