Garth Brooks had no choice but to cancel the rest of his Las Vegas contract — eleven shows altogether — after ticket sales went in the toilet.

“Nobody wants to see me right now,” Brooks told ALLOD Correspondent Skip Tetheludah, “I’m hoping it will pass. All I said was I’m gonna serve Bud Light at my new bar.”

Tetheludah asked Brooks about the “a-holes” comment and why he would berate nearly his entire fan base. “I didn’t see it that way,” he responded, “I was just trying to be fair to everyone.”

Fairness to everyone hasn’t exactly worked out for Brooks, who has had a string of bad luck since alienating country music listeners. His Nashville bar lost all its investors, the grand opening was a flop, he was ousted from next year’s Country Music Awards, Toby Kieth backed out of a show with him in August, and in what was probably the greatest insult, he was booed off the stage in Hambriston, Texas at the 123rd Annual Texas Country Jamboree.

Brooks told Tetheluday that he isn’t really concerned about all the stories coming out about him, “especially the ones that aren’t true.”

He insists that several of the items are, rather, fictional accounts written by a guy from Maine under the category “Punishing Garth Brooks.”

“Does that sound real to you?” Tetheludah reports that there’s no way to know for sure, sadly. God Bless America.



    He meant exactly what he said… Behavior has consequences and people realize Garth Brooks is in serious need of a career change… Entertain yes, pontificate from a musical pulpit…? Go and f-yourself… Go figure…

    • NavyMomOfOne

      Yall do know this is a Satire site?

      • Michael

        Is that what they’re calling it now when someone presents something as though it was actual information when it’s really a complete lie? ‘Satire?’ smh

  2. synaptic

    God Damn The vax Pusher.
    it’s about more than Bud Light, it’s about his clean-cut boot-licking bs..
    Nobody will ever accuse Garth Brooks of being an Outlaw.
    His pop style sort of ruined country, to tell the truth of it.

    • Maria Wirtz

      He pushed the death jab, too? Wtf is wrong with him? SMH. I listen to country music to get away from.all that alphabet soup and pharma nonsense.

      • Michael

        ‘The death jab’ that’s saved millions of lives? Education first, opinion formation second. You’re doing it backwards. You’ve never studied the subject you think you’re qualified to speak about. Nothing good ever comes of that.

        • Bonjamn

          The reality is there is no way to prove it saved even 1 life. It’s impossible to prove. You could argue that millions of people didn’t die because they took the jab but you can just as easily argue they would have lived without it anyway. It’s a pointless argument. However we do know for sure it’s causing some weird ass undesirable side effects. They lied about it’s safety and efficacy so much that nobody will believe a damn thing they say anymore either way. There’s absolutely enough information out there now to warrant people’s distrust.

        • Cnm

          And damaged how many more after being forced upon. Do your research!

          • Trish

            No. Stop doing the research. You aren’t a fucking research scientist. Facebook memes aren’t “research”. Brietbart, or whatever is passing for Brietbart these days, is not “research”. Articles from some hack website like is not fucking “research”.

            If you aren’t smart enough to understand satire when you see it, you are not smart enough to do medical research.

    • Tony

      Brooks makes pond scum look appealing. He is a pestilential louse of the highest order.

    • Lone Star Bubba

      Why do you feel the need to curse God?

  3. Dave McCann

    Sorry Garth, it wasn’t just “serving Bud Light” nobody cares if, as a business owner you chose to do that. What you said was that all the a-holes had other bars to visit. You don’t get away with that, no matter how big your head is. You’re now in Dixie Chicks territory for me, won’t buy or listen to another one of your songs. When enough of us vote with our dollars then maybe the rich, elites like yourself will finally take notice and STFU!

    • David Rogers

      I remember when he was a superstar in the 90s.. I was like, why? Madonna with a cowboy hat.

    • JANK

      If the shoe fits, Dave…
      It is laughable, that people are upset about a crappy beer.
      Get a friggin’ life, already!

      • Greatrighthope

        People are upset with women and, especially little girls, being forced to share bathrooms and change rooms with biological men. People are upset with women and, especially girls having to compete in sport against biological men. People are upset that drag shows are being performed for children in public places (including schools). People are upset that we all have to play along with “gender fluidity” at the risk of criminal prosecution for misgendering” like it’s a thing.

        It really isn’t just about a beer. It is about how we went to live.

        • POdOldFart

          Could not have said it better my self. Do what you want, be your self, BUT don’t push this crap on me or our children. It is time for all the sane people to stand up and say enough is enough.

        • Ashley Babbitt Abortion

          Just like 60+ years ago when they had separate bathrooms for whites & blacks. It was “about how people wanted to live”
          People wanted to live as bigots, just like you do now.

    • Tim Nelson

      It looks like all the a-holes have other country music stars to listen to. They have made a choice based on the options he gave them.

    • WiscPatriot

      The Chicks were right. Geo W. Bush was an embarrassment to Tx. He pushed weapons of mass destruction and knew about 9/11 before it happened. He’s a globalist among other things.

      • Morris Hernandez

        Protect our children!

      • LUXE

        The Bush’s were the biggest criminals in the WH… Biden is second to them… Bush planned 911.. ALL OF IT, YEA I KNOW… HE FOOLED ME TOO!

        • Michael

          Bush couldn’t speak in coherent sentences most of the time. As much as I disliked him, he had nothing to do with 9/11. If you can’t understand how a bunch of crazy terrorists could hijack planes and attack us with them and you think the government must’ve been involved, I don’t know what to tell you except that you’re wrong.

      • Rebecca Bauman

        A-holes, basket of deplorables…..same thing. Same message from the same kind of persons.

      • Michael

        He lied about weapons of mass destruction and he had no idea about 9/11 before it happened. Most of the time he had no idea what he was doing as he was doing it.

    • Bootroot

      You have it wrong. It’s not about shutting people up. People should be allowed to say whatever stupid stuff they want. I want these “celebs” to say what they really think. I want them to out themselves for the absolute asshats they are. Hypocrites, out of touch with their fan base and just bad people. Please keep telling us who you really are so I can take my hard earned money and throw it to some other entertainer that maybe doesn’t hate me or think I’m the ahole so much.

    • Obediah

      Garth doesn’t need any money. He could play for free and still vacation on his yacht half the year…if he has one.

  4. RJ O'Guillory

    …hilarious. Good for the people. Crush this toad.

  5. RJ O'Guillory

    …this idiot really did a header into a pile of wet feces. I wonder what his wife…Trisha Yearwood has to say to him? You know the public rejection and anger is going to flood over to her success and career…and it will be interesting to see if her ticket is cancelled as well. I bet she’s ticked off at him. He put her in a box. If she supports her hubby, her career is in the tubes. If she throws her hubby under the bus…a big portion of her career is in the tubes. I’d be a bit angry…to say the least.

  6. Michael D Leffler

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And the consequences that come with it.

  7. Dcerlan

    Didn’t he perform at Briben’s inauguration! Enough said!

    • Shirlee Rogers

      Yes he did and he turned down Trump. That should have told the people the kind of man he is.

      • Maria

        Death jab? Do you think it’s just a coincidence that the pandemic is over? You can’t actually believe the vaccine was a death jab…do you? While I miss a lot out the pandemic, I don’t miss being scared I was going to die if I contracted Covid.

        • Greatrighthope

          With respect, there were no excess deaths during the “pandemic”. There was an excess of reporting on deaths and an excess of testing, with a sensitivity adjustable flu test, perfectly healthy people. Both gave the media, the government and the pharma companies what they all needed claim there was a “pandemic” and people had to be locked down, isolated and then jabbed. Elderly people were said to have been the biggest victims of “CV”. In the end, young people died not get or spread “CV”, mid-aged people died at the same rate as that die from the annual flu and the average age of seniors dying from “CV” was older than the average age of death…they lived longer??

          Don’t be scared. Remember, we all played along but how could being masked in a restaurant be only necessary if you stood up? How could you be immune sitting? Has that ever been a thing?

          Oh yeah, since the jab, every country in the world has excess mortality in all age cohorts and especially 32 to 54 and teenagers. That is scary.

  8. Jeff

    A renowned figure in the realm of country music experienced a considerable decline in his career following his public support for transgender rights. This strategic choice appears to have been less than favorable, resulting in him having to cancel his concerts due to negative audience reactions. It’s important to remember the primary demographic of one’s audience and it seems that, in this instance, it might not have been the transgender community.

    • David Joseph Lango

      That’s comic genius, thanks!

      I can’t decide if it would be more funny with a Southern accent, or a British accent.

    • Moonman

      What was once most likely just a lyric, now he truly has friends in low places. !!

      God bless America.

  9. fred wallenbug

    Meanwhile, old Garth is busy building a mansion on an island in southwest Florida. Cowboys can’t have too many homes.

  10. js

    he meant everything he backed and vote for Obama and Biden

    • SimplyDred

      And the up coming shows are showing that they selling out fast.

  11. Jay

    Poor Brooks. He could have served Bud Light. He could embrace the Alphabet Mafia. Chances are he’d STILL get a free pass. Unfortunately, in his self-aggrandizing stupidity, he had to go farther than that and basically call his fans a$$holes. And then he wants to pat himself on the back and say he’s about inclusivity. The hypocrisy and irony is completely lost on people like him and so he claims victimhood. Hears a tip, Grifting Garth…pick a lane and stay in it or get out of the way – we have a race for humanity to win!

  12. Johnny Thompson

    I wish this article was true, but the fact is you can’t believe anything you read online anymore. A quick check of the Tickmaster website, and I note that every show is sold out through the December dates, but for a very few tickets on each date, and they are selling for $750-$800 per. I just hate fake news no matter who puts it out.

  13. SoTxJoe

    I blame it all on his roots
    He don’t give two hoots
    There’s decent people still livin’ here
    He called us assholes
    Then his show had to fold
    And now i’m grinnin’ wide ear to ear…

      • Tonald J Dump

        You are laughable morons. No I understand how you redneck buy into the BS ladled out by a NYC nepobaby atheist who hates you, because he raved bumper sticker gibberish and you will clearly believe anything. You are sheep plain and simple. You deserve all the mocking you rightfully receive.

  14. JGil

    This story is grade-A fake news. Garth has Vegas shows with tickets still for sale consistently through July 2024. They are not being cancelled.

    People need to grow up. If you are a veteran then you know what a phantom limb is. Trans people have a phantom gender. The brain is complicated and not everyones’ works “properly”. Have some respect for what you don’t understand.

  15. Davros

    So at what point does he look at what he’s said about Bud light, calling his fans a$$holes, and the jab, and realize maybe HE is the a$$hole?

    • TJD

      And maybe you are for believing anything!

  16. Joe America

    god you people are stupid. I’m no Garth Brooks fan, but holy hell. Are you kidding me?

  17. Moonman

    What was once most likely just a lyric, now he truly has friends in low places. !!

    God bless America!

  18. Jim Yost

    When I read his statement that he is going to serve Bud Light at his new bar I had a flash remembrance of Wolfgang Von Goethe’s famous quote: “There is nothing more frightening than stupidity in action.”

  19. DJ Blanchard

    Folks, please remember what Abraham Lincoln famously said:”Just because you read it on the internet doesn’t mean that it’s true.”

  20. Adam Genesis

    So this is where all the bigots hang out!

  21. Ace Sanders

    The second he started giving blacks front row seats… he stopped mattering to me. Black lives Murder

    • Jennifer Knotts Bobic

      Ace, I don’t agree with Garth’s opinion about serving Bud Light, but he is entitled to it. However, he is not nearly as close to being a jerk as you are. You seem to pigeonhole black people into a certain category – the essence of racism. Would you say, “All white people are liberals?” Or, “All Asians are good students?” Or, “All Arabs are terrorists?” Maybe you would or do, but doing so is stupid. We are all individuals, and what we think, do or believe in is a result of many factors. You have apparently lumped black people into category of people you consider undesirable. You are a racist.

  22. Zappa on the commode

    Do these people really even KNOW what the Dunning-Kruger effect is? They’re sure good at demonstrating it. To clarify for them, it’s when you’re so stupid that it is intellectually impossible for you to know how stupid you are. Judging from the comments section, there are far more of them than I realized…

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