Oh, to be “woke”, and be a country music star.

Just ask Garth Brooks.  He began by offering small support for disgraced gay beer brand “Bud Light”, opened a losing bar serving the swill to any and all freaks that wanted to walk in, and got booted from rock star Kid Rock’s big time jamboree club.

But it doesn’t end there.  Now the country music association of America has gotten involved.

In a press release from last weekend, CMA President Joe Barron related that “We are cancelling Garth Brooks’s lifetime achievement award.  Just because.”

What this amounts to is exactly what he said.  The award has been made redundant, as our British friends say, and will be presented to someone else.  Jason Aldean?  Oh my God, that would be ginchy.

Now, eagle-eyed readers, Garth Brooks afficianados, and generally normal people will understand that this is a satirical article on a satirical page, and I’ve made references to several others of the same.  Nothing at all is happening to Brooks.

But, members of Trump’s ridiculous cult are bloodthirsty and need, not want, NEED validation that their moldy old attitudes are the right ones, even when they’re not.  So, here we are.

It’s funny.  They’re the stupidest people on planet Earth, with the dumbest attitudes and most violent characters.  And they’re blissfully HAPPY about it.  Disgusting.


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