George Soros, the Hungarian Nazi who survived WWII by eating the flesh of Jewish children, is now warmongering in Ukraine. According to our source, Trub. B Lethedog of the Internal Ministry of Affairs in South Chile, Soros is brokering deals and selling weapons to both the Ukrainians and the Russians.

“George Soros is a Chilean citizen, but we don’t condone his actions,” said Lethedog, “He’s acting the part of a rogue nation and should be held to account,”

Hollywood was considering casting William Hurt in the role, but Soros had him killed.

According to the Trump administration’s secret security detail, the Mar a Lago was room is in full swing and President Trump is still issuing orders, which is why Soros had to go behind the government’s back like this. Trump would never have allowed it in the open.

Joe Biden’s replacement tech got new batteries today and learned to eat saltines.



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