Something that apparently needs to be gotten straight lately is that Donald Trump is the *President of the United States, and that means every part of all of them.  When local authorities like Mayors and Governors allow crime and rioting to get out of control, the proverbial Buck stops with him, whether you like it or not, and he is the decider who has made a decision to send in federal military troops to help maintain order.

“Heh. I thought I was the decider. Makin’ the choicin’. Ain’t so easy, is it fatty? You make me look like that black physics man feller.”

According to experts on scaring the elderly like Sean Hannity, the city of Chicago has seen nearly eleventy kabillion assaults and murders within the last week.  If you listen exclusively to Fox News and OAN, you would picture the city as a combination of the gang-loaded neighborhood from “The Warriors” and the zombie waterfall scene from World War Z.  Either of which, by the way, constitutes paradise for conservative gun fellaters.

Director of Completely Fucking Off the Constitution for the Trump administration Joe Barron, says that the *President has every right to ignore civil law and send troops into American cities.  But Chicago mayor Rusty Dickpipe says he won’t let the “Gestapo” forces sent by Trump inside the city limits.

“What happened is that crooked republicans refused to level consequences and punishment against the criminal con man after his impeachment, so now he feels he’s above all laws and invincible to any harm.  He literally threw away all fucks about violating the constitution, civil rights, and anything that serves as the backbone of American life.  As far as I’m concerned, this scumbag is a murderous traitor to the country many times over, and should be arrested on sight.  He has no authority here.  I don’t care who he thinks he is.”

“Hey. It’s me again. Just wanted ta’ add, I started two wars over nothin’, and you still gonna win the prize fer Dumbest Shitpresident. Heh! Guess ya CAN lower a bar when it’s already on the ground, huh?”

With cities like Chicago, as well as Twin Peaks, Springfield, Fraggle Rock and Shermer, Ilinois all feeling the heat of the exact same, if not lesser overall levels of violent crime, it’s very clear why the commander in chief is concerned.  The election is coming, and he hasn’t done a single thing right yet.



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