In Hollywood, it’s fairly well-known that talk show host Whoopi Goldberg is a friend to everyone.  Whether it be directors like Steven Spielberg, acting legends like Ted Danson, or even career musical geniuses like the great Tina Turner.

That is, it WAS fairly well known.  In the past couple of years on The View, Whoopi has more or less made herself into a pariah with her unhinged liberal traits, rants, and attitudes on a public forum, and that’s got some people rethinking their relationships.

Just a few months ago, we told you how she was cut off from the funeral services of close personal friend Lisa Marie Presley and threw a gigantic fit about it.  Now, it’s former college roommate and acting coach Tina Turner and her family putting the Whoopster in the ‘no’ box.

Turner’s friend an xylophone player Joe Barron let us in on the reasons why the “Racing Stripes” star is persona non grata.

“It’s just that whenever you get Whoopi into a group, she steers the conversation to : ‘Trump did this’ and ‘Trump did that, and nobody wants to hear it.  All normal people know he’s a twice-impeached scrotum bag sexual predator who deserves to rot in prison.  Get over it already.”

Goldberg has also lost her membership to exclusive Hollywood bowling league The Silly Six Pins, as well as her Antifa Sergeant status.  Sucks to be her, I guess.


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