Here we go again.  Another celebrity death, another article where Whoopi Goldberg is disinvited to their funeral.  It’s almost expected now, isn’t it?

Well, unfortunately, comedian and co-star of the Larry David smash “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Richard Lewis succumbed to complications due to Parkinson’s disease yesterday.  He seemed like a super nice guy.  Friend to Larry, Howard Stern, and idol to comedians everywhere.

Whoopi Goldberg, however, has made herself a perennial target and nuisance since accepting her job on television’s “The View”. Her liberal attitudes and rants have gone viral, and boy, do conservatives hate her.

So we’ll get to the funeral.  Has it already been planned?  I don’t think so, but then again, knowing Lewis, probably.  Whoopi was, once again, just like the ten times before this, disinvited to it.

Celebrity death masturbator Sanders Batt told us that not only could he only get a halfsie from Lewis, but that Goldberg was told very succinctly not to appear.

“She was phoned up by Moyshe Lewis, Richard’s spiritual advisor, and told not to bring her bloody ass there.  She’s persona non-grata, right?  If that tosser even tiptoes next to the grave, she’ll be sent ass over elbows.”

Moyshe, a British Jew for absolutely no reason, was certain about this fact.  Strewth!


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