The reboot of “The Golden Girls” is set to start filming as soon as the show’s producers finish building the cast. So far, they’ve filled the roles for Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, but finding the perfect Dorothy has been a challenge.

One thing casting director Joe Barron says he refuses to do is give in to “woke culture” and hand the role to someone on name recognition alone. “I won’t even consider Whoopi Goldberg,” he said, “she’s toxic on any set.”

The Dorothy character has to be a bit brazen and even a little unlikeable, but for the most part, the audience has to rally around her for the show to be successful.

They may be much better off going with someone like Roseanne Barr or Patricia Heaton.

They’ve already caved a bit on the wokeness, with Bette Midler cast as Rose and Jane Fonda playing Blanche. They did, however, toss in some political diversity by giving the role of Sophia to Kevin Sorbo, who had to agree to play her non-binary.

‘We need to toss a conservative in there to balance the scales,” said Barron, “we’re honestly hoping Judge Jeannine Pirro will take on the role.

That would be amazing. As long as it isn’t Whoopi Goldberg, it doesn’t really matter who gets it. God Bless America.


  1. August

    If liberal psychos Midler and Fonda are in it I will not be watching it. Not that anyone cares but that is just me. Can’t you find 4 moderate women to fill the roles? And thank you for rejecting that super psycho Whoopi. She is insane.

    • Charlene Norton

      You are insane. Whoopie would be awesome in it.

    • DALE

      I will not watch ANYTHING with whoopie in it.

  2. Well, banning Whoopi piqued my interest. However, after hearing about Midler and Fonda… oh well. And Kevin Sorbo playing Sophia? What the hell.

  3. Rita Kay Elmore

    Didn’t do a very good job with any of the characters as far as I am concerned. That’s just my opinion of course…………….remakes or reboots are seldom as good as the originals…….never in fact!!

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