Country star Brad Paisley found out first-hand that actions have consequences. After releasing a song featuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the iconic Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville, Tennessee canceled all 12 of his upcoming shows.

Paisley went against the grain when he tried to use the war in Ukraine to elevate his mediocre career through politics. Unfortunately, he chose the side patriotic Americans are against now. Paisey, apparently, didn’t get the memo.

“Mr. Paisley must not have heard that real Americans have joined the list of great countries backing the Russian effort to oust the corrupt president of Ukraine,” said GOL Programming Director Joe Barron, “we just don’t share the same values.”

Barron is correct. The world is banding together finally to get behind ousting the guy who wouldn’t give Trump any evidence against Biden. China, Iran, North Korea, and MAGA Republicans are all on board with the change. The rest of the world keeps clinging to some fantasy of this guy, who was an entertainer before he was president, is somehow qualified to take all of our tax dollars.

It’s just not right, patriots, and Paisley will pay for his disobedience by losing a bunch of money, shows, and influence. Gob Bless America.

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