Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has always made herself a wellspring of supposed problem-solving ideas during her term in Congress.  She believes that “thinking outside the box” is part of her purview, and has often been lambasted by the conservative wing of the Republican party as a socialist loon with too much volume and too little experience.

As a reminder, this is the party who’s defacto head thinks you can nuke hurricanes and swallow ultraviolet lights.

“Having a constitution is when you’re in the bathroom and can’t poop, right?”

The Littlest Legislator’s newest idea is Bill C1969 which addresses the current controversy regarding the use of force by police officers.  The bill would require that during any situation that begins to become hostile, the officer on-scene must first radio in to his commanding superior for permission before drawing and/or firing his weapon.  A further stipulation would actually require “holster locks” which can only be released by the superior remotely.

Joe Barron of Bootlickers Weekly Magazine believes this is an unnecessary time constraint during a possible life-or-death decisive moment :

“That would take too much time.  Police officers have the most dangerous job in the history of the world and need every second to act, even if it’s jumping the gun, no pun intended.  A cop is all about his weapon.  He’s not there to solve your problem for you or help you out.  That was back in the old days.

He’s there to command authority and deliver the weight of the Law in full, by force if and when necessary.  We teach them to shoot to kill.  Not to wound, even though such an idea would still end the situation without loss of life.  That little girl has too much college learning and not enough of getting swatted with a belt.”

“Ah have a very sexy Cat-O-Eight-Tails. It was nine until that naughty Kavanaugh boy.”

The bill, nonetheless, is making strong progress through Congress and is supported by numerous political figures on both sides of the aisle.  Do you think a police officer should take a second opinion before he or she puts a cap in someone?  Or is that just pussy talk?

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