After Guy Fieri was spotted at a UFC event with former President Donald Trump, he was immediately thrust into the culture war of the liberals. Within hours they began calling him a sellout and boycotting his restaurants.

He stayed out of it, for the most part, until he heard about a strange note on a reservation request from none other than Garth Brooks. “The note said he was bringing a camera crew and to have plenty of Bud Light ready,” said Fieri’s BBQ and Gastropub Manager Joe Barron, “so I called GFuy and told him Brooks was staging some kind of gotcha moment.”

Fieri responded by personally canceling Brooks’ reservation. “He called him directly and told him there are two things he refuses to serve: Bud Light and Him.” Barron seemed pleased with his boss’ actions.

As for Brooks, he’s been having issues getting a reservation anywhere in Nashville after he called conservatives who love their country “a-holes.” It remains to be seen if he’ll ever learn his lesson.

This should just about wrap up ALLOD’s “Punishing Garth Brooks” series, patriots. It’s been a pleasure ruining the man’s career just for you.

If half of the things we’ve done to the poor guy over the past few weeks came true any normal person would likely look for the means to harm themselves or others, so we’d also like to thank fictional Garth for being such a good sport and hanging in there while we tortured him.

Until the next celebrity goes woke and needs to go broke, patriots, God bless America.



  1. Pop

    Fieri is a great American and THE MAN!! Putting the Constipated Crooner in his place is classic. Can’t wait to make a couple dinner reservations and spend a hell of a lot of money at his restaurant!! As for Brooks, he’s just another adulterous commie in drag, pretending to be a God-loving American. Too bad they can’t take back his awards, but his cd’s and their cases make great targets. Use nothing smaller than a .357 and enjoy. Best show the fat guy ever put on.

  2. Jennifer

    Absolutely hilarious what people will believe.

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