Last night’s episode of Hannity on Fox News was one for the ages.  The sparks flew, the chaos reached Statham levels, and it made for quite engaging television.

That “Statham” remark, by the way, was in reference to the Jason Statham vehicle “Chaos”, a movie that actually wasn’t very good.  I was just trying to be facetious.

At any rate, the guest of the night’s program was California governor Gavin Newsom, whom many believe, is weeks away from announcing a Presidential run.  Hannity seemed like a younger version of himself as he dove right in with claw-hands unsheathed.

“Mr. Newsom, are you a communist?” Hannity began, right off the bat.  His guest laughed and took a sip of Evian water

“Sean, you are really an aging old joke, aren’t you?  Communist?  No, Sean, this isn’t the Internet where you get to stroke old people’s dicks for them with buzz words.  I’m an elected official.  Any more questions?”

“Why are so many people moving out of California?  Does that worry you, Libby?” Hannity struck back.

Newsom laughed again, prompting security entourage member Joe Barron to draw his weapon for safety purposes.

“Wow, the .03% of people moving out?  What’s that same percentage of people moving out of red states?  Do you know that California is on track to be the 4th largest economy in the planet, Sean?  Go f*ck yourself.”

As well all know, as soon as a liberal resorts to personal attacks, they lose, or that’s what we tell ourselves when it inevitably happens.  Good job, Hannity!  Bam!

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