Jane Fonda has had an eclectic life.  No stranger to political activism, the Hollywood daughter went by the moniker “Hanoi Jane” during the Vietnam conflict and later apologized for her treachery, turning instead to her acting career and a series of blockbuster-selling exercise videos.  Currently, however, it seems the now elder stateswoman has come back to her roots.

Now 82 and widowed from her marriage to CNN founder Ted Turner, Fonda has taken up with the Joe Biden 2020 Presidential campaign, appearing at over seventy rallies for the leading Democrat.  The star has publicly referred to the impeached President Trump as “The dumbest human being since God shit out Rush Limbaugh”, and was arrested several times for spray painting penises on the side of Air Force One before Some of Trump’s trips abroad.

Seen here, Trump exits the Presidential plane after being told the prostitutes are waiting at the gate with full bladders.

Filmmaker Joe Barron, who directed the outspoken actress in Barbarella 2 – Space Meow! told Queefing Stone Magazine that Fonda had always been controversial in her political life.

“Jane really despised Nixon too.  He was actually our first criminal President before Trump.  She would take a break from the set, and when everyone else was eating lunch, she’d be wrapping up bottles of urine to send to the White House.  I’ve gotten word she’s still pulling those same hijinks today with that morbidly obese shitpumpkin we have now.   I’m not sure about her history with Biden.  I don’t think it matters.  If Kim Jong Un were running in opposition to Donald, I’m sure Jane would already be driving around in a Kia with Dennis Rodman.  She’s a very hardcore political activist.”

Rodman is currently hospitalized after attempting to pierce his midsection with one of the L’s from the Hollywood sign.

So far, Fonda has raised over fifty million dollars for Biden, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.  Her videos of new aerobic workout routines incorporating synchronized beatings of Donald Trump stand-in mannikins have gone viral on social media, and she’s donating her salary from her role in the upcoming sequel: “Cheeseburger Hill” to anti-Trump superpacs.  It sounds like Uncle Joe found himself someone who will really “love him long time.”


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