Vice President Kamala Harris has had a long and storied career, from prosecuting criminals in Oakland, California, to not-so-greatly handling the border crisis for President Joe Biden.

During her history, there have been a lot of stupid rumors flying around conservative circles, which is the usual for those dick wicks.  She slept with (fill in the name of black celebrity).  She blew Obama.  She’s a MAN, just like Michelle!  And they can PROVE it!

Among all of this nonsense, we thought it would be great to detail the times she banged Jeffery Epstein because, well, why the hell not.  You just know they’re going to buy it.

How did this information come about, you ask?  Well, the recent release of the Epstein flight logs, or at least some of them, contain quit a bit of sensitive info.  That is, if you can actually find it, amid the hundreds of fake lists around the Internet.

In one, Kamala Harris is written down as a constant passenger with Epstein himself, locked away in his private cabin for hours.  Of course, on another list, it also says that Professor Steven Hawking took part in some sort of crippled twisty orgy, so there you go.

Web guru and dog bather Joseph Barron has confirmed both rumors as true, and also holds his own private collection of Michelle Obama’s jockstraps, the largest in the world.  The collection, not the ball-swaddlers themselves.


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