The Reagan era in the United States was widely considered a proud and prosperous return of our country to it’s most patriotic and mighty roots, a time of strength and fortune that *President Trump is doing his best to repeat.  Across the “pond” in England, the British also had a great leader with charisma and historic insight.  Margaret Thatcher, a beloved Prime Minister who was known well for her intelligence and wisdom.

The problem with socialism is that sooner or later, corrupting it through class-warfare makes the serfs run out of money for our wars and obnoxious empire building.

In that collective spirit of friendship and victorious stewardship, the late Mrs. Thatcher’s youngest son, Joe Barron Thatcher, will be presenting Donald Trump with the legendary medal of St. Giles, an honor never before bestowed upon an American.  The ceremony will be held at the end of next month at Buckingham Palace.  (Not the royal residential palace, a smaller Buckingham Palace shoe sales emporium that often rents out it’s sock-de-fungusing room.)

The Medal is named after the small town of St. GIles-in-the-field, which made history as the ground zero infection point for the start of the Bubonic plague, which swept across the nation, causing millions of deaths.  The plague was eventually brought to it’s end after a terrible run, during which, it was dealt with extraordinarily incompetently, similar to how badly Trump is treating the Coronavirus pandemic.  Anyone presented the medal is considered an embarrassing failure of historic proportions.

It will look nice next to this one on the mantle at Trump Tower.

The younger Thatcher in fact breaks with conservative visions of his mother’s reign, at times referring to her as : “A heartless old bat bitch” and “The end result of Satan molding a statue of himself from poor people’s death shits.”  His opinions of both Presidents Reagan and Trump echo those sentiments, which led to his involvement in presenting the medal, which is also rumored to curse the wearer by attracting the ghosts of the plague dead to tear apart his balls slowly over the course of seven weeks time.

The sordid meaning behind the dubious honor notwithstanding, the medal is sure to be another accolade in *President Trump’s crown.  A crown that really should come with a facemask.


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