Former President Donald Trump was inarguably the star attraction at 2021’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Queeflando, Florida last weekend.

Thousands of rabid patriots and strong-hearted Americans were in residence to hear the inspiring words of their once, and perhaps also, future, disgraced leader.

After days of conspiracy theorists like Marjorie Taylor Greene speaking up about the threats posed by such sinister liberal plans with their Kosher celestial death rays and heat-seeking sasquatch cyborgs, Trump Jr.,0…..-* and his rousing cocaine sideshow.

And of course, handicapped mutant gene hero Ted Cruz showing just how Zodiac he could be, Trump himself took to the stage and brought down the house.

Pretty much literally. Most older conservatives are far heavier than your average chair can handle.

Joe Barron of the Epoch Times Yankin’ It Division provided this sample of the history-making oration that brought the assembly to waterfalls of pussytears.

“Today’s gathering, however, reminds us most of all of the evening which we were able to celebrate in the former hall 10 years ago. It reminds us of this because at that time too we were in the midst of a very hard fight. Our fight to take over power in, Germany was just as decisive for our fate as the fight which we are waging today. It was only during the past year that this became known to us in all its meaning, and if victory had not been achieved in 1933, then Germany would have remained what it was then, that is, a powerless nation with an Army of 100,000 men, which would necessarily have (had to submit) to destruction.”

“Our opponents are the same, and behind these opponents there stands the same eternally driving force, the international Jew. And it is again by no means an accident that these forces were on the inside, and have now met again on the outside. Internally, in the “coalition” which we know only too well, they included all the enemies of the Reich, beginning with the Frankfurter Zeitung, and the entire stock market speculator-group, all the way to the Rote Fahne (Red Banner) in Berlin, and everything which lay in between.”

An unbelievable speech from an unbelievable douchebag.  If this is what the future under Donald Trump holds – it’s certainly America’s best – and final – solution.


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