Robert DeNiro had a long and storied career that any actor would be proud of. Unfortunately, as he gets near the end of the line, he decided to throw it all away.

According to sources inside the circles of Hollywood casting directors, DeNiro is on the blacklist. “Nobody wants to work with him,” said Casting Union President Joe Barron, “He’s an angry little guy.”

Barron isn’t alone. At least 176 other casting directors say “no way” to a shoot with DeNiro.

“The problem is,” said Barron, “what if he wins an award? Then we have to sit there while he does one of his angry speeches.”

DeNiro has recorded more than a dozen angry, woke speeches in the past few years, making him a bit of a pariah on the circuit. He’s been shunned as an Oscar Presenter and dropped as MC for the Tony Awards. Nickelodeon hasn’t asked to slime him since 2018.

ALLOD Entertainment Analysticator Tara Newhole says DeNiro probably isn’t all that concerned. “He has an award or two and most people in the industry consider him a legend,” she said, “It doesn’t seem likely that he’ll care what the geriatric potatoes following our nonsense think.”

Newhole makes a good point, as usual, which is why we’d pay her really well if any of this were true. As it stands, we save a bunch of money on payroll. God bless America.



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