Whoopi Goldberg’s time as a Hollywood elite has officially come to an end. On the back of her racist and anti-Semitic comments, her own people have canceled her. According to a source close to the LA Acting community, “Whoopi is poison.”

She will likely keep her job as a lefty extremist on The View because that’s all she’s really good at, but her days of seeking extra projects and starring in movies or hosting awards shows are over.

“I’m not concerned with what other people think,” Goldberg said, “all I want is to continue to make sure the country stays divided. It’s not black versus white or one religion versus another. It’s us, meaning people with a brain, versus them, meaning Republicans and their troops on the ground.”

Their troops on the ground are us, patriots. She called us stupid. That’s why she’ll never be anything ever again. She disrespects millions of people just because we believe what we’re told and have lots of bumper stickers.

Goldberg will probably finish out her contract with ABC, which is up in 2029, then move to Canada as she promised 6 years ago. “It’s not that I hate America,” she said, “I just hate these ultra-MAGA Americans. These dumbasses are gonna get a lot of people hurt.”

She sure is opinionated. It’s a good thing we only have to put up with her for 6 more years. This reporter doesn’t know if he could produce three Whoopi stories a week for much longer than that. God Bless America.

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