The day has finally come.  For all of us who prayed and protested while former twice-impeached President Donald Trump was indicted and charged 37 times for mamby pamby crimes for Hunter to be charged too, it’s Krystalnacht.

In case you haven’t been following closely, Baby Biden was indicted on several charges including tax fraud, and tax fraud.  He was convicted of these charges this afternoon and boy, was it a dramafest.

Joe Barron, who was in the courtroom since six O’clock this morning, sleeping in an empty sushi kiosk that smelled of old tuna, gave his take.

“Hunter was led in by security in a subtle black suit reeking of marijuana smoke and Old Spice aftershave.  He stood when the charges were read, and judgement was rendered by judge Juan Tobang.  Guilty on all counts.”

Several conservative ghosts in the rear of the courtroom suffered heart attacks as they attempted to applaud the judgement, and paramedics were called.  Three peacefully passed away.

“Biden then began to sob uncontrollably as he gingerly opened his wallet to pay the fine.  He was gently handcuffed as he did by an overzealous security official who thought he was working the Johnny Depp / Amber Heard case.”

The cuffs were removed, and Hunter was then free to go after the case, which bore absolutely zero similarities to Trump’s was closed.

It’s all in a day’s work for the American justice system.  Mostly because he wasn’t black, but don’t get us started.


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