These days, the safety of classified and Top Secret material is not at all guaranteed.  Dozens upon dozens of boxes of it was removed from former disgraced President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate by federal agents, and some was even found in current President Joe Biden’s garage.

The difference between the two is glaring and simple.  When the Biden documents were revealed, they were immediately turned over to the national archive.  Trump, on the other hand, is not currently in office and attempted to pass the information off as his own, requesting, even suing to get it returned.

But now, another discovery.  Eighteen pages of classified material was found in Hunter Biden’s Vermont study, a small room where he often relaxed, played “Fortnite”, and practiced his Olympic level tumbling.

Biden family cleaner Sandra Batt told a gathered crowd of press that it was all a big mistake, brought on by the conservative right’s constant state of schizophrenic paranoia whenever Hunter’s name is mentioned.

“These pages, these documents, they’re mostly pertaining to secret recepies from the former White House chef for beef Wellington.  That’s pretty much it.  Nothing about China or the Ukraine, as I’m sure those bitter old tampon strings are claiming.  Maybe they should get jobs and get off the internet for five minutes.”

With Facebook actively bombing political articles, this entire expose’ may be moot.  We’ll see.  If it is, then I guess it’s back to Whoopi Goldberg.  Sigh.


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