Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) may not be a true American, but she sure does know how to make money as one. Her and her brother, who is also rumored to be her legal husband, own Flags for Freedom Inc. (FFF) the largest sanctioned manufacturer of American flags in the world. According to reports from the Conservative United National Trust Society, the company makes more than 70 percent of all the stars and stripes on the market.

According to the flag code, no US flag can be made outside the country. FFF says it makes all of its flags in a factory in Mississippi that was once an auto plant from Michigan. After Obama drove that company to Mexico, Omar and her “brother” were given a federal grant for $17 million to retrofit and open the new plant. They were awarded all of the US government’s flag needs, amounting to nearly $12 million per year, in perpetuity.

Our investigation uncovers that the company also has factories in Melambodi, Sri Kalesi Falir, and Lewabodra. Joe Barron, spokesman for the company and another relative of the Omar’s, says those factories do make flags but “promises” that they make no “official” US flags. “Anyone can make a flag,” he said, “Only sanctioned companies can make the real thing. We could do both, but we don’t. Those other factories make flags for other countries and political campaigns.”

Republicans have called for a full investigation starting sometime in January of 2023.

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