Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is making a fuss about pork being served in public schools. According to the Muslim congresswoman, pork in schools is a matter of religious freedom. “Our religion forbids the foul product, therefore, it should be offered only be request, or not at all.”

Omar says the issue is simple: If a Christian coach can take a knee and lead his team in voluntary prayer, then the religion has to be voluntary.

By offering a lunch that includes only a hot dog or sausage or other pork product as a protein, the school is promoting Christianity and other religions that allow pork by default.

Legal analysts from ALLOD took a look at the case and determined that she has a valid point. If there was no pork, but it was made available to those requesting it, there shouldn’t be a pro-grata retundo facto submission that pork is of or in the place of a religion at all.

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling may make it hard for the congresswoman’s case to be challenged at all. The Obama-appointed state and first appellate federal judges have alrighthy greenlighted the case, which means it could get to the Supreme Court.

If the high court declines the retundo facto submission, it becomes precedent, which also opens the door for the consumption of cannabis and possibly school-sponsored abortion clinics in states with large Jewish populations.

Fact checkers have declined to comment. That says something. God bless America.


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