No, patriots. Mike Pence won’t be charged with dereliction. Not while Sleepy Joe is in the chair. But…come 2024…it’s on like ping pong.

Mike Pence, according to our independent investigators, is guilty. He abandoned the sacred post sworn before God on the Holy Bible to uphold Christ’s word as interpreted by the US Constitution and laid out, in full, in the founding documents of our country.

Those documents may not be legal or even exist anymore, but they were written by great men who understand American life in this century better than any liberal. And those men said Mike Pence should pay with up to 5 years in prison and a fine of not more than $250K.

President Trump says the second he hits the White House he’s gonna sign the order to have Pence arrested and brought to GITMO for questioning. As he refused his duties as an American, he has to first be ruled out as a terrorist.

Trump says if he cooperates, Pence won’t be waterboarded more than he needs to be and will be returned to the states with his rights reinstated so he can stand trial.

It’s gonna be a glorious time of spite and revenge come January 2025, patriots. Get your flags ready.

God bless America.

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