President Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge that his daughter, Ashley Biden, wrote uncomfortable truths about him in a diary left behind at a halfway house.

The people who “stole” the diary faced criminal charges for it, even though it supposedly doesn’t exist. Think about that. Talke all the time you need. Rather than ponder it, we had an independent lab test the diary and the results were just about what you’d expect.

According to the lab, the diary is authentic. “It’s the real deal,” said lab tech Steve Ashbaucher, “we tested it to every standard we know.”

Most in conservative circles are a little upset that the diary ended up in the hands of Project Veritas, since they have little to no credibility outside of extremist circles. “It made authenticating it more difficult,” said the tech.

Critics were quick to point out that the lab isn’t so much a scientific workplace as it is a meth lab, but Ashbaucher was quick to defend his work. “Would you give Walter White this kind of trouble? I don’t think so,. Say my name!”

Nobody said his name. The lab’s full report was sent to TMZ for $500 worth of Bitcoin and a 2-week supply of Mad Dog 20/20 grape. God Bless America.


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