There’s trouble in paradise at “The View.” According to sources behind the scenes, the hosts can’t stop fighting. It’s not the liberals fighting with conservatives, either. It’s Joy Behar, Anna Navaro, and Whoopi Goldberg who can’t seem to get along.

“We thought they were gonna start throwing punches last week,” said associate grip art Tubolls, “they were fighting over what to have for lunch.” Similar stories from the backstage area suggest that the harmony between the three may be gone forever.

“They used to gather in a common area to watch Fox News after filming to get ideas for the next day, but they stopped,” said lead carpenter Joe Barron, “Now the show has no direction at all. They just make it up as they go, and Whoopi adds the hate.”

The show’s recipe for success over the years has been the unity between the leftist hosts. Even back when they used to laugh at Elizabeth Hasselbeck for declaring her support for Dubyah, there was a united front. Now, they can’t even get together on pastrami versus turkey clubs. It’s almost like they couldn’t each get their own.

The feud is causing serious issues for the producers as well as network executives who have to explain their failed attempts to get the hosts back on the same page to the shareholders. Because that’s how things like this probably work.

Either way, it makes for fantastic nonsense storylines. God Bless America.


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