When Obama approved Hillary Clinton’s sale of nearly 20 percent of America’s weaponized uranium to a company in Russia, they put the entire world at risk. Russia, which is now talking about “taking back Alaska,” has been able to renew its entire Soviet-era fleet of super-missiles.

The BSTA420 ICBM that was previously decommissioned has been re-modified to carry American fuel. The Trans-Regional Offensive Land Launcher Busta rides on makes it a deadly combination. Military experts say because of the Uranium One deal, more than 800 BSTA T.R.O.L-L.s are in positions across the country’s vast Eurasian landscape.

“The situation is out of control now, and there’s no way to fix it,” said ICC Magistrate Joe Barron, “We just have to live with this new threat, thanks to Hillary Clinton.”

The court has no authority to do anything about it, as George W Bush declined to join the entity, fearing it might indict him for war crimes. The anti-Bush sentiment dwindled a bit when he gave Michelle Obama some candy, though the second attempt was a bit too much.

Nobody has thrown a shoe at Bush in years, which is a shame, since he’d never be able to duck it the way he did while he was ordering the mass slaughter of Iraqi civilians as “collateral damage.”

If only Trump had come along sooner, we could have dispensed with all of this nonsense and just nuked ourselves. God bless America.


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