The Walt Disney Corporation LLC lost its shirt in FY2022 Q1, according to reports from Standardson Poor. A press release sent directly to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange’s NASDAQ division informed traders that Disney stock would be unavailable for the foreseeable future until the Fed recertifies the company as solvent.

So far, there has been little talk of restructuring or any form of bankruptcy, but the financial climate will make for difficult times as the company’s foreign debt comes due. If Disney defaults, Australia and New Zealand could suddenly own a huge chunk of Orlando.

Disney’s problems began when they decided to promote “wokeness” by making 70 percent of their new characters either transgender or gay. Why the world’s leader in children’s entertainment would want to promote grooming children for perverted teen years is anyone’s guess.

The LGBTQIA+ community says the whole thing is preposterous, that Disney is simply voicing an opinion, and that all of the rumors of transgenderism or homosexually being “perverse” are the conjurings of the sick minds of bigoted people, mostly Baby Boomers.

Sure, woke folk. Blame it on the Boomers. The real Americans who bravely saw us through the cold war and made good and sure their children did worse than they did for the first time in modern history. They know the value of hard work, and how to take it all with you when you go. Because the constitution says they can.

God bless America.


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